New Printable Alert! 

There’s a new learning worksheet up in the Etsy shop. This one is inspired by some of the pages that my first grader has brought home from school over the past year or so. 

It’s used as the learner is starting to recognize the letters and be able to distinguish one letter from the other letters. Basically, the page has the letters at the top that they student is to find in the grid below.

I’ve created two levels, one for the beginner where the letters are “hidden” among other letters that don’t resemble the main letter. The second level set is for the more advanced learner where the letters are hidden among letters that look similar. 

So, you’re getting two worksheets for the price of one.

Click the button above to visit the listing on Etsy. See all of the various pages and then you can purchase the immediate download. 

Learning Series Bundle

Now available is a Learning Series Bundle – you get all four sets of the learning worksheets and save 20%.

So, you end up getting one of the sets almost for free.

Click this box to check it out.