White Plum Creative, LLC is a central Ohio design firm specializing in books, magazines, newsletters, brochures and more.

Newsletters & Magazines

Share your information monthly, quarterly, yearly or whenever you want.

Book Design

Give your book the professional look.


A classic piece perfect for your lobby, waiting room or trade show.

What is a layout artist?

A layout artist arranges text, photos, and graphics into an easy to read, eye-catching piece that will engage readers.

According to Wikipedia: A layout artist deals with the structure and layout of images and text in a pleasing format. This can include magazine work, brochures, flyers, books, CD booklets, posters, and similar formats. For magazines and similar productions, color, typeface, text formatting, graphic layout and more must be considered. Is the chosen typeface good for long term reading, or will the eyes get tired? Does that title typeface fit the feel of the rest of the article? Are the photos arranged in such a way that is pleasing to the eye, and directs the reader in the right flow or direction?

Business Forms

Applications, order forms, reports, manuals, handbooks, and more

Print Design

Invitations, advertisements, signs, business cards, and more.


Project Management

Planning, article coordination, printing, and delivery.

Behind the screen

Bernadine Pesika

layout artist

After spending nearly two decades crafting publications for a trade association, I decided I wanted to branch out and do creative work for a variety of clients. With the flexibility that working for myself allows, I get to create on a schedule that works for each client, and most importantly, for my family.